Kids, empowered with just opportunities, are the key to a brighter future.


At Kidlink, we are determined to work towards the future we all dream of.

We stay true to our aim of nurturing a brighter future for our kids, with the tools that foster their environment to support innovative, strong, and confident human beings.

We are proud to serve our partners, the real superheroes dedicated to creating an enriching environment for kids.

Kidlink’s free app is intuitive and easy to implement.

Our Community

K-12 After-School Providers

School-age kids and youth spend almost 80% of their time outside of school. High-quality after-school programs provide kids and youth with a wide array of benefits.

We work to decrease the complexities that get in the way of managing vibrant after-school kids’ programs. Kidlink is designed to meet the current challenges after-school providers face, especially in the midst of our modern world.

Child Care and Early Childhood Development

Our partners operating child care and early childhood development programs face challenges and risks unique to this particular industry. We engage with our community to truly understand the industry challenges you face, so we can propose tailor-made solutions to promote engagement within your agency and help attract families to flourish with you.

Community Service Programs

At Kidlink, we support leaders on a mission to connect kids with their community through youth development programs. Youth leaders can count on Kidlink to assist in intuitively managing your programs to enable you to achieve your mission.